L'Histoire de la Collab' entre Nike et CLOT

The History of the Collab' between Nike and CLOT

Since 2006, Nike has launched a series of sneakers in collaboration with CLOT, an original creation by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Through bold and highly creative designs, CLOT was able to showcase a deep exploration and reflection on the origins of the culture of its own creators. At the same time, Nike continued to show respect and support for different cultures around the world. The collaboration of these two brands has thus made it possible to bring together the sneaker cultures of the East and the West.

The first sneakers born from this collaboration

The Air Max 1 "Kiss of Death" is the very first collaboration sneaker from Nike and CLOT. On each side, the designers took inspiration from Chinese acupuncture, a very important cultural symbol, applied to the silhouette of the Air Max 1. Its bold toe design features a clear plastic overlay, providing an unobstructed view of the soles. interior that display the pressure points of the feet. Additionally, images of a pair of human feet are embedded into the transparent outsole. The 2006 “Kiss of Death” model marks the beginning of a journey of exploration into traditional Chinese culture for these two brands.

For the 35th anniversary of the Air Force 1, Nike and CLOT create a new silk-inspired design based on a classic white monochrome colorway. The 'White Silk' inherits the same dual upper design as the previous model, the 'Red Silk'. The cutout of the top white silk layer reveals a traditional Chinese pattern that symbolizes luck, happiness and prosperity. With the "White Silk" model, CLOT hopes to represent the energy of the East on the world stage.

The triple collaborations: Nike dunk low x Clot x Fragment

In celebration of CLOT's 20th anniversary, brand founder and designer Edison Chen and longtime friend and collaborator Hiroshi Fujiwara are teaming up with Nike to create a new collaborative sneaker: Dunk Low x CLOT x Fragment Design.

Inspired by Hiroshi Fujiwara's favorite CLOT model of the past two decades (2018's Air Force 1 x CLOT, also known as "White Silk", the Dunk Low x CLOT x Fragment Design features an all-white silk upper featuring CLOT's signature Silk Royale pattern on an opaque cream-white sole, for a clean look. The tongue, laces, and heel tab are colored black, resulting in a striking black and white colorway inspired by pandas, specifically those at the Chengdu reserve that Hiroshi and Edison traveled to. The sockliner features the CLOT20 logo of this special model. Each pair of Dunk Low x CLOT x Fragment Design comes with black and blue laces for customization.


The end of such a beautiful collaboration...

Despite the success of both partners, it seems that CLOT ends its partnership with Nike in order to explore new opportunities. And according to some rumors, it is with the brand with the three stripes that it wants to continue its exchange of culture of sneakers from the East and the West. If for the moment nothing is confirmed, CLOT offers a last project which is impregnated with its history with the sign of the sportswear with the: CLOT x Nike Dunk Low “What The? Clot”

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