L'Histoire de la Collab' entre Nike x Patta

The History of the Collab' between Nike x Patta

The adventure between Patta x Nike began in 2006, two years after the opening of the Patta store in Amsterdam. The founders Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt are now loyal collaborators of the American equipment manufacturer and offer always original iterations, pleasing to many sneaker addicts. Also, the name “Patta” means “sneaker” in the Suriname dialect, the land of origin of the two sneaker enthusiasts. Thus, the Dutch label with urban influences has won the hearts of sneakerheads by leaving its creative mark on the brand's classic pairs with the swoosh.

A successful collaboration at all levels

The two brands have collaborated on many models, always leaving creativity at the center of the room. Thus many Air Max have passed through the hands of the two geniuses of Patta with ever more beautiful colors.
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